Pranic Woman Program with Camila Castillo | I love it so much and think you will too!
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I love it so much and think you will too!

To give you a powerful impulse and so you can begin to understand the power between Prana and Womanhood, I’m sharing with you my Pranic Woman Masterclass. 

It’s a video I made that I love very much because it offers the unique perspective of Breatharianism for woman. I know you’ll love it, too. It’s all about Pranic Living for Women – a combination of theory and practical exercises to get an introductory feel for what it means to me to be a Pranic Woman.

You’ll learn how to embody Prana, the life force energy, and channel it into all the areas of your life. Health, beauty, abundance – these are all natural qualities of a person, and when we reset the mind, emotions, and body, we lean into a powerful, life sustaining energy, satisfying all needs.

Connect Movement and Breath for healing the body and creating awareness, strength, and flexibility

Connect with your body and breath like never before as you explore all the possibilities the conscious breath has to reach your most profound physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual spaces with this Intimate Yoga Session.

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